Despite Australia’s long-standing relationship with The Paddle Pop Lion (the famous look-alike of Avril Lavigne’s new fiance), ice-cream fans are at melting point (ha!) after recent revelations that the formula behind Street’s Banana Paddle Pop has been changed, in turn altering the flavour. Disaster.

The scandal, dubbed #bananagate has angered those devoted Paddle Pop aficionados who have not only compared the new taste to ‘plastic’, but also vowed to break their Paddle-Pop-a-day habits in protest to the horrific new recipe.

The changes, as explained by The Paddle Pop Lion a Streets spokesperson, were made in a bid to improve the nutritional value of the Paddle Pop, eliminating vegetable oil from the recipe to provide a tasty treat with 27% less kilojoules and 34% less saturated fat than the original. Unfortunately, nutrition tastes like shit.

The iconic frozen treat came under fire in 2010 when the size of Paddle Pops was reduced by 15%, a change that was also attributed to nutritional improvements. Maybe someone needs to tell Streets that they haven’t been selling millions of Paddle Pops every year since 1953 for their nutritional value.

The chocolate and caramel formulas have also allegedly been changed, although no word yet on the illusive rainbow flavour. Based on all of these changes, it’s only a matter of time before the Paddle Pop becomes the subject of an angry facebook rant.

Words By Nikki Brogan