Need an introductory guide to expressing yourself all over the tag-laden walls of aerosol lovers’ paradise of Berlin? Look no further than our man on the street and Contiki Insider Andrew Kaineder. We’re smug as schnapps to bring you the third and penultimate instalment in Andrew’s Guide To Unveiling The Street Art of Berlin. Following on from his previous guide to unearthing the city’s greatest graffiti and its best poster art, today we’re tagging along (sorry, not sorry) on a photo diary journey through the people’s choice of artistic media: #tagging, illustrated as always through Andrew’s excellent lens. 

Tagging is by far the most common form of graffiti in Berlin and – more often than not – it’s done by hand using spray paint. It plays a huge role in the city’s Graff/Street Art scene, helping to distinguish different crews through immediately recognisable and personalised signatures.

You can’t catch the S-Bahn in Berlin without noticing the work of The THC Crew. Born & Raised in Berlin in the 90s, you’ll see their eponymous tag scattered everywhere throughout the city. If you do a quick Google search, you’ll soon realise that you’ve seen a lot more than just their tags, and quickly realise that the entire city is covered with their art.

The 1UP (One United Power) Crew
, also hail from Berlin. 1UP are everywhere, and have definitely been embedded not only into Berlin’s Street Art scene, but also the city itself. Their claim to fame is tagging an entire U-Bahn Metro. 

You’ll often find tags from non-local crews too, as they travel the world looking for fresh walls to paint. TCP are a crew from Paris and their letters are spread over Berlin, including this piece on part of the iconic Berlin Wall.

You don’t have to look very hard to find a heap of tags different crews have done all over Berlin, but a good tip is to to look in some obscure places like the top of high rise buildings, and take a moment to reflect on how the hell they did that!?

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