The Government is set to launch a $30 million awareness campaign targeting the early shitty behaviours we teach young boys that lead to later issues with violence.

The campaign is directed at role models in kids’ lives, in an effort to get them to set higher standards for what is acceptable behaviour between boys and girls.

This includes stopping parents and teachers from using excuses like “boys will be boys” or “he’s just doing it because he likes you” for when boys pick on girls, as is their wont to do.

The program is being put together by Social Services Minister Christian Porter and Minister for Women Michaelia Cash, who say that young girls need to be taught not to blame themselves for being picked on by little ratbags.

Greens Senator Larissa Waters chimed in about the program, saying that if the Government is really serious about tackling these issues they should probably restore funding to the legal and emergency accommodation services they’ve cut for domestic violence victims. 

Source: Sky News.

Photo: Facebook.