The Government Is Gonna Crack Down On The Gross Wicked Campers Everyone Took To Splendour

Watch out festival goers because it looks like the government are about to crack down on vehicles with “offensive language” on them.

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Tasmania, Queensland and the ACT have already been working to deregister vehicles with potentially offensive or crude language. However, as the legislation is not currently nationwide, many of these vans were simply reregistered in different states.

This prompted government action in Adelaide today to create more uniform laws across the country to work against potentially offensive vans from popular companies like Wicked Campers, who are renowned for their boundary-pushing designs.

“We want to make sure that we close down these loopholes, stop the scourge of these offensive advertising and materials on the sides of these campervans — but we need to do it in a nationally consistent approach,” South Australian Transport Minister Stephan Knoll said, according to the ABC.

Victoria will see a similar ban come into place soon, according to Victorian Roads Minister Jaala Pulford. Vehicles showing offensive language including sexist, racist or otherwise derogatory comments will be banned from travelling in Victoria.

“There is no place for sexism anywhere in our state and we will be working closely with our road safety partners to ensure this is the case on our roads,” Miss Pulford said.

An Ad Standards Community panel will be the final judge on what is deemed inappropriate, with any questionable designs being referred to them for further investigation.

The proposed bill will target companies like Wicked Campers, basically giving them the opportunity to remove the offensive language or risk being forcefully deregistered by authorities.

Wicked Campers are a staple of Aussie road trip and festival culture, but maybe it’s time to call it quits on the gross slogans and keep it to the ones that are actually funny.