There’s always the chance that this might wind up being a really well put together trailer belying a so-so movie, but for the time being consider us well and truly KEEN.

Having run the full gauntlet through Hollywood’s dreaded developmental hell, the first look at Straight Outta Compton – the NWA biopic – has arrived, and holy shit you’d better hold onto your butts before you hit play.

The film, which Ice Cube and Dr Dre produced, comes out this coming August, and follows the rise of the careers of the NWA gang – including Cube, Dre, Eazy-E, DJ Yella, and MC Ren. Directed by F. Gary Gary, who’s long had a working relationship with Ice Cube in particular, having directed music videos for him along with helming the original Friday movie, the film sports an impeccably selected cast of lookalikes, and includes not only the success of the band, but their importance in the rise of Black American voices and street culture in the US mainstream, and covers the infamous LA Riots of 1992.

The trailer itself features an introduction from Dre and Cube that, to be perfectly honest, should be expanded into a feature length in and of itself, because it rules.

The trailer, it should be noted, is at least mildly NSFW. Not because of any thematic content or foul language, mind. Mostly because of a butt.

Big shout out to butts.