The First Reviews Of The People’s Show, Hamish & Andy’s ‘True Story’ Are In

Australia’s favourite funny blokes Hamish & Andy have just debuted their brand new TV venture, and mates – it’s bloody charming. 
The premise of True Story is simple enough: regular folks show up to the boys’ set (which looks pretty much exactly like the Griffindor common room, so nice work set designer), and tell them a true story that they’ve never heard before. Meanwhile, actors recreate the stories with high production values and only slight exaggeration.
It’s pub yarns writ large, and Hamish & Andy are clearly going to be on to a good thing, because is there anything Australia likes more than a pub yarn? 

As you might have gathered, the first yarn involved a Chinese delicacy called century egg (most people would dispute the claim that it’s delicious). It also involves puking children, drunk husbands, and the overwhelming pressure to impress new acquaintances. It got the seal of approval from the storyteller, apparently:

It’s a great premise, and the casting has elevated the whole thing to an art form. Bring on the rest of the season. 

Image: True Story.