The Feds Are Investigating Old Mate Who Did A Helicopter Macca’s Run In Syd

I live downwind from a McDonald’s, so the feeling of desperately wanting to acquire some by whatever means necessary is not an unfamiliar one to me. In this regard, I find the man who used a helicopter to pick up Macca’s in Sydney on Saturday deeply relatable. 

In most regards, however, it is not extremely relatable to (I imagine) most of us that some dude used a helicopter to pick up Macca’s in Sydney on Saturday.

While you and I might be scratching our heads over what circumstances would make it more convenient to acquire a Big Mac by helicopter than it would be to acquire one via, say, any other means, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority is wondering whether or not this is legal.
CASA’s Peter Gibson told Triple M that they’re looking into it:

“The landing is certainly unusual. Whether or not it’s unsafe is something CASA is having a look at. We’ve got the video and inspectors are reviewing that today”.

“There are two important rules. One is that the area that the helicopter lands in must be safe, so it must not have things like power lines, buildings too close or people that are regularly crossing the area and the other thing you must have is the permission of whoever owns the land.”

“It’s too early to say whether there’s been any breach of the Civil Aviation safety regulations at this stage. We’re certainly having a look at the video of the landing and take off and we’ll make the proper determination in due course.”
For no reason at all, I must note that the Maccas run took place at 4.20 on Saturday arvo. Hell yeah.
Source: Triple M.
Photo: YouTube.