The Eerie Melbourne Fog Is Grounding Planes All Over The Shop This Morn

If you’re flying to or out of Melbourne this morning, you might wanna check that your flight is going ahead. 
The mystical fog that’s currently settled over the Melbourne CBD is very demonic and scary-looking, firstly. 
AND, it’s also grounded a bunch of flights in and out of Melbourne this morning. 

Virgin Australia was cancelling flights last night in preparation as the fog began to roll in, and cancelled four more out of Melbourne this morning. Jetstar have cancelled three flights out of Melbourne this morning to Adelaide, Hobart and the Gold Coast. Qantas have cancelled a total of eight flights, both into the city, and from Melb to Sydney.
Melbourne Airport has restricted the number of flights allowed to land in the foggy conditions, which explains why some flights are affected while others are able to go ahead.
And customers at airports the country over are gettin’ reeeeeeeal impatient:

^^^ mad s/o to Ash Lamb for wanting a bevvo at 6am, what a legend.
Alex Ellinghausen managed to take this dope-ass Vine of his flight leaving Melbourne Airport:
Luckily, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, the fog is clearing:
But not before it takes you all alive, Victoria:

Stay safe, Melburnians! <3
Source: Twitter / 9 News
Photo: Twitter / @ChristieCooper7.