The Daily Mail Is Trying To Hide Its Tracks After Karl Tore Them A New One

Karl Stefanovic might have torn strips off The Daily Mail on ‘The Today Show‘ this morning for their staggeringly bad yarn strongly inferring a drunken, scandalous relationship between himself and a Channel Nine colleague, but they’re not mad about it all. They’re laughing, actually.

Rather than own the error, apologising, and moving on, the gossip rag has this morning attempted to double-down on Karl’s scathing remarks by suggesting they were never in the wrong about the yarn and everything they said was good and correct.
Karl’s editorial piece on this morning’s edition of Today lambasted the publication for having a “a long, despicable track record of denigrating women, of ridiculing women, of objectifying women.
“Fact: this was work. We were filming a story about our struggling prawn farmers – they deserve a rum or two.”

“The producer pictured on the website is a committed, talented, hard-working and totally professional young woman, and not deserving of this cheap, lazy, sexist online slur.”

“A young woman who has spent the past hours in tears, because of the hurtful and false way she has been portrayed by this website.”

But in response, the Daily Mail has attempted to go on the front foot, spinning Karl’s criticism of them into a sarcastic, self-righteous story that refuses to acknowledge their own missteps.

The ensuing article labels Karl’s tongue-lashing as a “bizarre tirade,” again points out his lofty salary as apparent clear evidence that he is a bastardman, and then proceeds to throw its hands up in a truly odd assertion of “who me?” as if Karl’s criticism that the Mail has a shithouse track record of covering prominent women is totally fabricated.

“A Channel Nine spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia on Thursday that Stefanovic was in Yamba ‘filming a story about the crisis in the prawn industry for the Today show.’ This was carried prominently alongside the pictures.
Yet Stefanovic bizarrely suggested the pictures were an attack on women because he was carrying the rum cans before entering the caravan park with his female colleague.”

The bulk of the yarn is then “backed up” by reposting truly unhinged comments from the bowels of social media, held up as evidence that they couldn’t possibly have done anything wrong.

‘Course the article also completely fails to mention the fact that the original article has since been heavily edited to back up this subsequent one.
One portion of this article’s byline reads:

“On Friday morning, he insisted he and his colleague were there for work, despite nobody having suggested otherwise.”

Except, y’know, they absolutely did.

Though original article’s headline now reads like so…
…but at the time of its publication the headline also featured the closing line “but girlfriend is nowhere to be seen.” A fact that’s been pointed out by anyone with eyes and a memory.

The article’s lead image has also been altered, removing the image of Karl with his Channel Nine colleague that, while not explicitly stating it, supported their strong suggestion that something was happening between the two.

The Daily Mail also removed all bylines from the article, and heavily edited a section that mentioned Karl’s current partner Jasmine Yarbrough, burying it in the tail end of the piece.
By all rights, it seems the Mail is attempting to cover their own tracks by editing their fuckups out and pretending they never happened.
They’re doing an extremely poor job of it.
Cut your losses, mates.
Source: The Daily Mail.