Missing a little somethin’ somethin’ from your Tinder profile? Not playing with the fullest hand that you possibly could? Worried that a shot of you and the gals at the races, one of your bare back from atop a mountain, and one of you posing with a drugged-up tiger in Thailand pre-Full Moon Party isn’t *quite* capturing your sparkling personality that “loves life, loves travel” and “is sick of games” in full?

Fear not! Soon your profile will be spicy as hell thanks to The Color Run‘s announcement that the nocturnal version of their Art Attack-meets-collective sweating movement, The Color Run Night is officially making its way to Melbourne.

The event (run by an organisation that despite operating in many countries that aren’t the USA, remains insistent on spelling it sans-the proper U, which is causing more red-squiggly lines to appear in this article than this particular writer’s stress-threshold classifies as healthy) takes all the potentially asthma-inducing powder bombardment of the regular event, and shifts it into the dark of night. Your usual brightly coloUred powder stations are replaced with glow-in-the-dark ones, and participants are given glow sticks and “brightly coloured tutus” and the like to denote the lack of sun.

The nighttime iteration of the 5k run is scheduled for April 16th at the Flemington Racecourse, and will require you fork over a cool $74 to the absolutely for-profit company in order to participate.

Through a statement issued to media, event director Evan Calvert confirmed the event as a real thing that’s actually happening.

“You asked, we delivered!! Melbourne has been such a big supporter of The Color Run so we can’t wait for all of you to experience this epic night event for the first time, and leave with new friends and awesome memories.”

“Held at one of the most prestigious and iconic venues we have here in Australia, The Color Run Night is definitely something to tick off your bucket list again and again, it’s a race like no other.”

Although he does mention that is a race, The Color Run is always quick to point out that there are no prizes for finishing first and that it’s not actually a race at all.

The event features a Zumba warm-up, and a “Finish Festival” wherein runners will “end up partying the night away” (until 9:30pm when the event ends and everyone has to leave).

If this feels like a thing you’d enjoy getting involved with, tickets for The Color Run Night Melbourne are on sale now via the event website.

Alternatively, you could just run the Tan and spend $74 at the pub afterwards.

The choice is yours.

Photo: Supplied.