The Coen Brothers are a prickly pair who haven’t really paid too much attention to TV – and in particular its modern golden age of premium drama – at all. In fact, beyond vaguely mentioning that they really couldn’t give a coloured stuff about the TV adaptation of their classic film ‘Fargo‘ (it’s not that they didn’t approve of it, it’s just they seriously couldn’t give a shit either way), Joel and Ethan have strictly been a big screen yarn kinda duo.

Or they were until now, apparently.

The brothers are working on a series that is reportedly set to combine both television broadcast and a theatrical release. Better still, it’s gonna be another western, which should be enough to make any ardent Coens fan leap for joy.

The project, entitled ‘The Ballad of Buster Scaggs,’ is reportedly set in the old west and will at the very least be shot as a miniseries. The brothers’ production company Mike Zoss Productions is handling the whole shebang, in collaboration with Annapurna Pictures, who has previously spearheaded projects like ‘Her,’ ‘Zero Dark Thirty,’ and ‘The Master.’

Those in the know reckon that the project, an original idea written by the Coens, was too challenging to be contained into a mere feature film, and thus the television mini-series was born.

The Coens are, quite obviously, no stranger to the western genre, having casually knocked together ‘True Grit‘ and ‘No Country For Old Men‘ in the past.

Buster Scaggs‘ reportedly features six different intertwining narrative arcs, meaning the scope to dig into the Coen Brothers’ Patented Bag of Very Good Actors™ is extremely wide.

No network is partnered with the project at this stage, but you’d imagine something like this wouldn’t exactly be the hardest sell.

Because, y’know, if no one buys it then they might have to answer to Anton.

The Coen Bros Are Making A Western TV Series & You Can Take Our Money Now

And nobody needs that.

Source: Variety.