The Coalition’s Shine Wears Off As Newspoll Shows 50-50 Split With Labor

The honeymoon isn’t just over, now. Australia is well on its way to the cold, domestic monotony of microwaved dinners and half-hearted arguments over dish-washing detergent, among other crushingly mundane realities. 

A bit like this:

But, uh, the opposite.

At least, that’s what we can infer from the latest Newspoll, which shows Malcolm Turnbull’s once-imperious Liberal Party sharing a 50-50 split with Bill Shorten’s Labor on a two-party preference basis.

That’s down from the 53-47 gap the ALP has enjoyed since Turnbull knifed the other guy, and it’s especially important – in an election year, no less – in terms of momentum.

Recent weeks have seen a string of gaffes and quasi-scandals result in a cabinet reshuffle, while a seeming inability to convincingly sell policy to us plebs has continued to wear off the party’s charm. 

Dissatisfaction with Turnbull has also crept up to 38%, which is the worst result for the PM since he took over.

Labor’s capitalised by presenting a whiz-bang negative gearing platform that looks like it could shore up stacks of cash without affecting the everyman; in response, Newspoll shows satisfaction with Shorten has risen to a four-month high of 28%. 

Regardless, Turnbull is still crushing it in terms of preferred PM, beating out Shorten 55% to 21%. But, as the nation becomes accustomed to rolling over to see that steely fox every day, it might find itself wishing for someone a little more… vegetal. 

Source: The Australian.
Photo: Brook Mitchell / Getty