The Clive Palmer Show Continues As He Walks Out On 7:30 Report Interview

As much as we are loathe to do it, you can’t help but marvel at the wide manner of ways in which Clive Palmer has managed to stay front and centre in the news cycle this past week. Shortly after spectacularly scuttling the Carbon Tax Repeal legislation yesterday in one of the all-time great parliamentary backflips, Palmer appeared on the ABC‘s 7:30 Report in an interview segment with Sarah Ferguson. Not taking terribly kindly to questions about his mining interests, Clive stormed out of the interview, ensuring his place in the news cycle remains secure for the time being.

Initially appearing to talk about the reasons behind his, and the Palmer United Party‘s backflip on their senatorial vote on the issue of repealing the Carbon Tax – once promised to the incumbent Coalition Government – Palmer’s mood quickly turned sour when Ferguson changed the subject and asked Palmer to repeat comments he’d made earlier in the week over his mining company’s business interests, along with claims of the misuse of Chinese funds.

Everything you’ve just said is not true. This is just a beat up by the Chinese that don’t want to pay for our iron ore, they want to take over our ports, uses their lobbyists, flash their money around because they’re a state-owned company and subvert Australian democracy.”

“Don’t talk to me about allegations and bullshit, talk about judgments from the court … I’m not discussing it with you any further madam, it’s subject to court proceedings where we’re suing them for $600 million … I’m not answering any more for you so goodbye, we’ll see you later.
And with that, Clive stormed out.
As entertaining as the three ring circus he appears to be running is, with this amount of unpredictability present in his senatorial term – which is barely a week old at this point – you can’t help but worry that we’re in for a very long, and very frustrating six years. Because this is precisely the kind of wick that will burn very thin, very quickly.