The Camerawoman Who Kicked A Refugee Is Now Suing That Same Refugee

This one’s a clear nominee for Headdesk Of The Day, pals.

About a month ago a Hungarian woman by the name of Petra Laszlo caused a stir across the globe after footage emerged showing her, whilst acting as a camerawoman, deliberately kicking and tripping up a fleeing refugee by the name of Osama Abdul Mohsen, as he ran across the Hungarian border with his son in his arms.

The incident caused outrage as the footage spread via the internet, and ultimately caused Laszlo to be fired from her job.
End of story, right? Silly person pulls an utterly dick move whilst working, subsequently loses her job.
Crime, punishment. Simple.
Except Petra is now suing just about everyone concerned with the case.
The ex-camera operator claims that once her criminal trial is concluded (an important thing to remember here) she’ll firstly be suing Facebook for allegedly failing to remove threatening groups aimed at denigrating her, whilst removing groups that were in support.
And then – and this is the real doozy – Laszlo is planning on suing Osama Abdul Mohsen. As in, THE PERSON SHE ACTUALLY KICKED.
Why? Well according to her…

“He changed his testimony, because he initially blamed the police.”

Which, y’know, you probably would do after you see clear footage which shows it was actually her who kicked you.

For what its worth, Laszlo is preparing to leave Hungary at the conclusion of all her legal issues – with the family planning a swift move to Russia.
Or to put it another way, she’s fleeing the country she feels persecuted in to seek a better life for her family elsewhere.
Life, eh. What a trip.
via Mashable.