The Cadbury Créme Egg McFlurry Is Back And So Is Your Ability To Feel Joy

You’re a busy person, and we get that. 

No seriously, it’s March, and everyone has stuff to do right now. It’s a big old stressful, modern world out there.
But listen to us when we tell you this: drop whatever you’re doing, smash it a little for effect if you can, and get over to your nearest Macca’s because it is back, the Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry is finally fucking back.
You rn.
If you were lucky to get wind of McDonald’s dream snack last time, you’ll know Aussies got our dirty little paws on the treat towards the end of February 2016 before it sadly dropped off the face of this stupid earth, seemingly forever.
But now it’s back, if only for a limited time because Macca’s, apparently, enjoys torturing your old mate, the writer. 
Officially launching yesterday, we have until Tuesday, 25 April 2017 (Easter time, naturally) to gorge ourselves on chocolate and crème and soft serve fluff.
So as we told you last time, what the hell are you still doing reading this? 
Go on. Get out there and have a go, Australia.
Have a go at greatness.
Source and photo: Supplied.