Earlier this year, in the wake of the recent bout of terrorist attacks, France made the decision to ban the burqini (also spelled burkini). 

The creator of the burqini, however, ain’t so fazed. Why? Because sales are goooooooooooood, son!

Aussie designer and creative mastermind of the burqini Aheda Zanetti has told media that since the ban, her online sales soared to a whopping 200%. 

France made the decision to ban the burqini after this year’s multiple attacks by extremists, citing that “beachwear which ostentatiously displays religious affiliation, when France and places of worship are currently the target of terrorist attacks, is liable to create risks of disrupting public order.”

The fine for publicly wearing the swimwear garment is €38 (approx. $56 AUD). 

The Sydney-based designer said that her swimsuits were created so Muslim women who chose to wear the burqa could also enjoy Australia’s dope beach lifestyle. 

“I’m an Aussie chick, I’ve been here all my life. 

I know what hijab means. I know what veil means. I know what Islam means. And I know who I am.”

Zanetti said that her swimsuits represent health and freedom of choice, not oppression. 

“I wanted my girls to grow up to have that freedom of choice. I don’t care if they want to have a bikini. It’s their choice.

“No man in this entire world can tell us what to wear or what not to wear.”

The Burqini’s Aussie Creator Says Sales Are Up 200% Since France Banned It

Source: BBC.

Photo: Matt King / Getty.