The Alleged Conwoman From The Block Has Reappeared In *Checks Notes* The Ukrainian Army?

the block alleged conwoman emese fayk ukriane

Would you believe it, the alleged international conwoman who grifted The Block and Channel Nine into believing she could front up the cash for her $4.256 million bid on Jimmy and Tam Wilkin‘s season-winning renovation has resurfaced. Where? In Ukraine, of course.

Emese Fayk (AKA Emese Fajk) appeared on a Ukraine Media Centre live stream in Kharkiv in early July with three men from the front’s foreign legion. It seemed she was essentially hosting the entire press conference as various media outlets asked questions about life on the front line.

emese fayk ukraine the block
Come the FUCK again??? [Image: Facebook / Media Center Ukraine]
In the 20-minute video on Facebook, Fayk is wearing military greens and camo as she guides the three legionnaires — who are from the U.S. and the U.K. — through questions from the media.

Fayk also posted a photo of herself on Facebook in late June which shows her sitting in tall flowers and grass in khaki green clothes, military boots and holding a large rifle.

emese fayk ukraine the block
Again, what?? [Image: Facebook / Emese Abigail Fayk]
When a friend asked what she was doing and what she was wearing, Fayk said she had been in Ukraine for the last three and a half months.

“This is the ‘I’m tired of the Ukrainian uniform and I wear my own stuff’ phase,” she replied.

How she managed to get herself not only in the forgein region of the Ukraine military but also on the media team to hold press conferences with very real and serious war reporters is simply beyond me. But knowing her previous history, we can only assume she’s probably talked her way into this as well.

Can’t deny it, the woman knows how to get people to believe lots of things. I tell you what though, having “the alleged conwoman from The Block fighting in the Ukraine war” is definitely something I did not have on my 2022 bingo card.