The Avalanches are no strangers to cryptic internet shit, having heralded their first album in 10 years with a series of extremely tease-y posts on their socmed (or “social media“, as people who aren’t assholes call it) hinting at the release – this time, however, who knows what the fuck their doing.

This afternoon, the band posted a v. minimalist picture to their Instagram of a gold, embossed version of the logo from their album ‘Wildflower‘ as well as a set of co-ordinates.

#avalanchesgold -33.869356,151.20484850000003

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Being the incredible journalistic sleuth I am (read: I used Google Maps), I determined that the coordinates were, in fact, pointing to a location near Sydney‘s Darling Harbour – next to a rather auspiciously named bar, no less.
Sound familiar? Of course it does: it’s the name of their first album, ‘Since I Left You‘ (duh). Does this mean they opened a bar? That seems very unlikely, as the bar has been there for a  – while but the venue itself (at 338 Kent Street, btw) is hinting that something is hidden there.
Curious and curiouser. If you’re nearby, absolutely check it out. If you’re not nearby, please instead re-watch the video for ‘Frontier Psychiatrist‘ and think about what might have been:
If you get there and manage to figure out what “#AvalanchesGold” is, feel free to brag about it in the comments.
Photo: Instagram.