A Nationals MP Just Dropped The Phrase “The Anals Of History” In Parliament

In the grand Australian tradition of verbal political fuck-ups that gave us previous hits like “the suppository of all wisdom” comes the newest nugget of unfortunate speech that’ll live in Hansard forever: The Anals of History.

National MP Michelle Landry, the member for Capricornia in North Queensland which also happens to be one of the coolest named seats in the country, took the floor of Parliament earlier this afternoon to talk about something or other, the point of which will forever be lost to the sands of time because she somehow saw it fit to pronounce “annals” as “anals.”

A more mature media organisation might let it slide as a mere slip of the tongue; too inconsequential to dwell on or report.

We, on the other hand, are insane geniuses who are deliriously giggling like a grade three class who just got given fizzy drink by a rookie relief teacher, because “anal” is unquestionably a funny-ass word.


The Anals of History.

The Anals.

Of History.

The Büttes of Time.

The Sphincters of Yore.

The Poop Chutes of the Past.

Between this and a Government Minister hiding from media behind a white board, today has really been quite something else indeed.

Never let anyone tell you that Australian Politics is anything less than a precious gift that refuses to cease giving.