Weed occupies a weird place in Australian society. While it might be slowly getting legalised for recreational use in other countries, it’s only just now getting medicinal trials here – and yet just about everyone alive between the ages of 14 and 55 occasionally smokes or is down to smoke weed (note: if you are a cop, I do not smoke weed, I have never smoked weed, I do not even know what weed is).

I feel hesitant even tweeting about making pot brownies, worrying that it will some way negatively impact my career and/or make the cops break down my door while I’m watching the 1977 film ‘Wizards‘ while high out of my gourd – but imagine doing it as a politician.

Fiona Patten, leader of the famously extremely liberal Sex Party and Victorian MLC, seems chill as hell about it, making a video with VICE that very specifically didn’t show her smoking weed, but did show her just about to smoke weed, immediately after she smoked weed, talking about smoking weed, and also played audio from while she was smoking weed. We get it: you smoke weed.

Personally, I think it rules. Even as it’s become more normalised in society, there’s still seems to be an unwritten rule that politicians have to talk about it like it’s the 1950s and sharing a joint will instantly make you a murderer, so it’s nice to see a grown adult talk openly about occasionally getting just the tiniest bit blazed.

The Age‘ does not agree. If it’s possible to sense that someone is fanning themselves with outrage through their writing, I absolutely did this. 

You can basically hear the author audibly gasping the entire way through their article entitled “‘I might have a joint after work’: Sex Party’s Fiona Patten on smoking marijuana“. You read correctly, dear reader, marijuana – the green devil.

Let’s start with this opening paragraph:

“Sex Party MP Fiona Patten has appeared in a video interview explaining her personal use of cannabis and giggling.” 

Giggling? My goodness, that infernal devil’s lettuce has already affected her brain! She’s truly lost, both to Christ and the wonders of modern medical science.

But smoking weed isn’t her only crime, she also, dare I say it, looked at some art she owns:

“Towards the end of the video, interviewer Krishna Andavolu asks Ms Patten if now would be a good time for a joint, to which she responds: ‘This is the perfect time‘.

“The pair then peruse Ms Patten’s collection of erotic art work.”

As we all know, art is Lucifer’s tool, and erotic art doubly so. 

Despite no actual footage of a joint being smoked, they did some incredible detective work to determine what really happened:

“They are not filmed smoking a joint but the opening scene does show a cloud of smoke and there is a shot of ash in a glass ashtray towards the end of the seven-minute interview.”

Compelling stuff. Now, get ready because I won’t spare you the grisly details of this brazen foray into narcotics, check out the horrifying end result of their illegal endeavour:

“The video, which was shot in Ms Patten’s home, ends with her and Mr Andavolu laughing.”

The very thought that this politician occasionally laughs, and wants other people to laugh sometimes also, sickens me to my very core. What is the world coming to?

Source: The Age.

Photo: Facebook.