The AFP Are Raiding Labor Offices & This Election Is Officially Buck Wild

The Australian Federal Police have conducted a series in raids in Melbourne tonight, including at the office of Labor frontbencher and former Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, in regards to a slew of leaks pertaining to the National Broadband Network – and how poorly it’d been operated by the Coalition. 

Another raid was undertaken at the home of a staffer for the party’s current Shadow Minister for Communications Jason Clare. 

Shadow Finance Minister Tony Burke shifted the blame, telling the ABC there were allegations the documents had been leaked from the NBN itself. 
He also said the papers demonstrated the Coalition had objectively done a slower and more expensive job of rolling the NBN out than Labor had.
Of course, this all comes back to Malcolm Turnbull, who was once the Communications Minister at the helm of the Coalition’s NBN plan. 

When the papers leaked in February, Fairfax ran some scathing stories detailing how far the roll-out was lagging behind. Not the kind of thing you’d want floating around when you’re seeking re-election, really. 

The AFP haven’t yet given out any more information regarding the raids, but boy howdy, you better believe Labor leader Bill Shorten has a few words to say: 

In response, Malcolm Turnbull said the raids are totally in the hands of the AFP, with nought to do with his party.  
Of course, some believe neither Labor nor disgruntled NBN staffers would really need to leak papers detailing woeful progress:

Politics. Bloody hell.

Source: ABC / Fairfax. 
Photo: Scott Barbour / Getty.