That Petition For An EU Referendum Re-Do Passes 1.2M Furious Signatures

By and large, governmental sites that field petitions are the political equivalent of the suggestions box on your Year 6 teacher’s desk: they exist just so the afflicted and put-upon can anonymously air their grievances. 

Of course, earnest complaints are either outnumbered by poorly-drawn dicks, or simply emptied into the bin at lunchtime, but damn, sometimes it’s nice to think you actually have the attention of the powers that be. 

Anyway, in a world where campaigns for the White House to build a Death Star garner more signatures than, say, frequent calls for the US to ban automatic assault weapons, you’d be forgiven for thinking the UK would just disregard a new petition calling for a re-do to the EU referendum.

The thing is, in barely a day, that petition has clocked over 1.2 million signatures. In fact, that’s nearing how many votes the Leave campaign scored over Remain in the first place.

It is incredibly unlikely the UK would subvert a democratic vote (and three years of hype/preparations leading up to it) by doing it over, but the petition has well and truly passed the 100k mark, a threshold that ensures the prospect will at least be debated in Parliament. 
It’s worth noting where the signatures are coming from, too. The maps of the strongest Remain respondents and the density of signatories of the petition bear some striking similarities:
via BBC.

London, that cosmopolitan hub of global trade, is obviously fuming about the decision. Further north and the port city of Liverpool and nearby Manchester aren’t stoked, either. Edinburgh also appears as a red-hot ball of rage, tae fuck. 

We’ll let you know if anything comes out of this petition, but even as it passes a milli, it’s probably too little, too late. 

At least we can all agree the referendum was worth it, if only for this:

Source: ABC.
Photo: Matt Cardy / Getty.