The unsavoury public trajectory of Senator Fraser Anning took a turn for the farcical this afternoon.

After delivering an address to Victorian supporters of his Conservative National Party in Melbourne, and while speaking to reporters, the absolute dreck speck known to the public as Anning was ambushed by a teenager with an egg.

In a brief altercation caught on camera and livestreamed direct to Facebook, the young man is seen holding his phone up to film his actions, and open-palm smacking an egg directly onto Anning’s bald and stupid head. Anning, in exactly the show of restraint and thoughtfulness you’d expect from a man who spouts white supremacist rhetoric in parliament, turns around and slaps the boy.

If you’re thinking that it sure sounds like an Australian senator assaulted a minor, then you wouldn’t be alone.

A jeering shout-out as well to the gaggle of Anning’s yobbish supporters who piled on to the kid until the cops showed up. Wonderfully reasonable reaction there.

The unnamed egger has reportedly been taken into custody. The egging comes after many Australians called for Anning’s removal from Parliament for his truly hateful response to the Christchurch terror attack. A GoFundMe has already been set up for the heroic egg-wielder, and at least one lawyer has pledged to represent him pro bono if needed.