Are you quite up to date on the creepy as fuck haunted doll that was recently listed on eBay? Here’s a quick refresher if you’re not. This is vital reading if you’d like to not catch a demon.

Okay great. Some of you are still here and refuse to read the refresher, to which I say – enjoy your demon. Cliff’s Notes version – a UK woman bought a doll, realised it was cursed as fuck when it scratched her husband’s legs in the middle of the night, then sold the thing on eBay.

I am just a nice, trustworthy doll who is definitely not going to set fire to the house tonight.

Now that we’re all across that wild ride, I’m here to let you know that it’s my great pleasure/the worst moment of my life to inform you that the doll has once again attacked in it’s new owners home. Because OF COURSE IT HAS.

Let’s start with the absolute drongo who thought buying a doll widely touted as a murdery murderson was a fantastic idea.

Lee Steer is the main man behind a British ghost hunting magazine called Project Reveal, so it’s pretty safe to assume the drawcard here was the maximum levels of straight up fuckery this doll has been throwing down.

Within 3 days of owning the thing, Lee reported that his dad woke up covered with those ‘tiny doll hand scratches’ the doll famously inflicted on the original owner’s husband. COOL. GREAT.

Day 3 Of the haunted doll????… – My DADS ARMS IS COVERED IN SCRATCHES… Ive recorded video footage as well, which i…

Posted by Project reveal – Ghosts of Britain on Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Lee, in true ‘The_Ghost_Lover has logged on’ form, did a companion video to the pics showing his dad’s damage.

The Bridal Doll Day 3. Scratches Appear On my Dad…

Posted by Project reveal – Ghosts of Britain on Saturday, 29 July 2017

Unlike sweet moron Debbie Merrick, the original owner of the doll at the time of it going viral, Lee is clearly keen on the paranormal shit – he’s currently shipped the doll off to a psychic medium who is “investigating” it.

Deborah Davies, the psychic currently living under the same roof as what is clearly a demon, is posting some proper wild stories and videos.

Here’s one where the doll, and absolutely not Deborah, says “yes” audibly.

Oh my… 😳 listen…

Posted by Deborah Davies Psychic Medium on Sunday, 6 August 2017

She’s also been posting a bunch of overnight live-streams of the doll, which are for the most part incredibly boring and contain zero murders.

There was this moment caught by a viewer though, where a disembodied voice apparently says “get out”. To which I say – yes immediately have my entire house and it’s contents bye.

That sounds like 'get off' or 'get out' when the camera fell off in the empty room in the live stream!!!!!

Posted by Deborah Davies Psychic Medium on Saturday, 5 August 2017

While I personally am positive the doll is indeed a cursed demony piece of shit, the whole thing is getting a bit much, isn’t it. I mean, Lee is even organising a meet and greet for the thing, as he announced on the Project Reveal Facebook page.

Honestly. Who wants to meet this doll? Aren’t two scratching episodes enough? Why has no one put the thing through a garbage compactor yet or made a small, doll-sized stake for it to burn at? I have so many questions.