That Bob’s Burgers Cookbook Is Absolutely Real And Can Now Be Pre-Ordered

Prepare to empty your wallets, good citizens.

Back in January we caught wind of a Bob’s Burgers-themed cookbook that potentially might be a thing. Today we bring you the magnificent news that not only is absolutely a real thing, but pre-orders have gone up – meaning you can start throwing your credit card at your computer screen right this very second.
The cookbook is a collaboration between the series creator Loren Bouchard, and Cole Bowden – the absolute genius behind a blog dedicated to taking all those magnificent burger puns the show is renowned for, and bringing them to life through the majesty of actual food.
Far beyond being just a simple little book full of joke recipes that don’t actually have much merit as standalone dishes, the recipes themselves actually look remarkably great for the most part.
The Texas Chainsaw Massa-curd Burger, for example? A habanero-stuffed patty with cheese curds and a tomato & ginger ketchup. Goddamn.
Or the Blue Is The Warmest Cheese Burger? Beef patty marinated in buffalo hot sauce and stuffed with blue cheese and celery, topped with extra buffalo sauce and a blue cheese sauce. Holy shiiiiiit.
And then the Bleu By You Burger? Beef patty stuffed with blue cheese, with sautéed red swiss chard and a red wine reduction? HNNNNGGGGGGG.

Though you’re gonna have to wait a liiiiiittle while longer to have your physical hands on the physical book – it won’t be officially released until March 23rd, 2016 – you can get around all your pre-ordering needs right now via Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
That’s the great thing about pre-ordering stuff, though! When it eventually arrives, it’s like a surprise little gift from past you!
via Uproxx.