That Anti-Avo Toast Aussie Rich Dude Is Now Being Roasted On A Global Scale

There is truly nothing more thrilling for Australians – who relish seeing a tall poppy getting cut down – than seeing a local roast target getting absolutely rinsed by the world at large. It’s like crack to us.

You might recall from yesterday that Aussie property mogul millionaire Tim Gurner thought now was the time to stick his head above the parapet and make a classic, never-before-seen jibe about how millennials would be able to afford houses if they didn’t gorge themselves on avocado toast constantly.
Now, it’s important to remember that the avocado on toast jibe is very Australian. Though other nations have their own ways of sticking the boot into millennials about housing affordability, they simply don’t do it via the vector of breakfast deprivation. So, obviously, it was irresistible.
There were a whole bloody stack of overseas publications which covered Gurner’s comments, and it led to a wonderful time on Twitter. A real bloody treat for the folks back home.

Ahhh. What a time to be alive.
Source: Twitter.
Photo: 9 News.