Thai authorities have provided an update on the health of the first eight boys rescued from the flooded Tham Luang cave, saying they’re all recovering well in Chiang Rai hospital – but two of them have displayed irregularities in their lungs which may suggest the early stages of pneumonia.

Public Health Permanent Secretary Dr Jetsada Chokedamrongsuk told reporters the young members of the Wild Boars Academy football team all suffered from low body temperatures after their rescue from the cave.

Some of the boys also exhibited high white blood cell counts, indicative of infection, while others had worryingly low heart rates. Minor cuts and abrasions have also been treated.

All of the boys have been put on IV drips and given vaccinations for a slew of diseases. The boys are being held in quarantine as doctors assess them for waterborne illnesses and take note of their mental health.

Health officials also say the boys are wearing sunglasses inside the hospital to shield their eyes from bright lights, which could be harmful after two weeks spent in near total darkness.

It is expected the boys will remain in hospital for at least a week, and will only be allowed to share a room with their families once their blood tests come back negative.

Despite the treacherous conditions of their escape, and serious concerns for their health after two weeks spent in a muddy corner of the cave, Dr Chokedamrongsuk said the boys were in good spirits and have been sitting up in bed.

Some have even been asking for chocolate, the scamps.

“Don’t worry about their health. Of course they have all lost weight,” Dr Chokedamrongsuk said, adding “they’re all football players and strong.”

Four boys and their coach remain in the cave system as rescue divers prepare to undertake the final stages of the mission.

Source: The Australian
Image: Lauren DeCicca / Getty Images