Terry Richardson Is Over Naked Women – Wants Men

Terry Richardson is doing all he can to get his Sex Perve public image to simmer down into something more manageable – like General Preference For Photographing Bare Genitals But Versatile Professional Photographer If Need Be type of deal.

First it was the weird shoot he did with Ben Stiller and now he’s branching out once again away from his preferred subject of choice (i.e. professionally good looking women) to naked men.

New York print magazine The Journal recently published an interview with him during which he revealed the following:

“I love shooting guys. I love shooting nudes of guys, but it’s harder to get guys to do full nudes, I don’t know why, but they don’t want to show their junk. I love doing guys. If there are any guys out there that want to get naked you can email: model@terryrichardson.com.”

You hear that, lads!

Breasts and vaginas have become boring, commonplace and overexposed (snicker) thanks to rags like Purple and LOVE magazine. It’s time for more male genatalia, don’t you think? Let us know if Terry tries anything tricky though…