Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews has accused gossip website RadarOnline of attempting to discredit him after he spoke out about sexual assault.

In case you missed it, Crews has been speaking out about being sexually assaulted at an industry event last year, by a man later revealed to be Hollywood talent agent Adam Venit.

He recently gave a candid interview to Good Morning America, talking about the incident and the steps he’d taken to try and remove Venit before going public, including going to the head of the talent agency, Ari Emanuel.

“I brought out a letter that [Emanuel] wrote in 2011 which demanded that Mel Gibson be blacklisted from Hollywood for anti-Semitic remarks. I took that letter, crossed out ‘Mel Gibson’, put ‘Adam Venit’, crossed out ‘anti-Semitic remarks’, put ‘sexual assault’, I said, ‘Read that letter. Now you know what you gotta do.’ He said, ‘It’s different’.”

Crews later continued: “[Venit] is privy to all the studio heads who hire me. Who’s to say he couldn’t poison that?”

Crews is now saying that one day after his GMA talk, RadarOnline attempted to discredit him by publishing a false story about him hiring two sex workers.

He tweeted a screenshot of an email the website had sent him.

“To whom it may concern –

“RadarOnline intends to publish a story today reporting Terry Crews hired two prostitutes – one of African descent and one Caucasian – on June 16, 2015, while staying at the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

“Mr Crews chose the two prostitutes from the website ‘Euro Escort Girls’ and paid €2,800 for their company.”


terry crews email

Crews says the false story was never was never published because it was a fake.”

“One day after my GMA interview, RadarOnline threatened me with a false story about me hiring two hookers at the 2015 Monte Carlo TV Festival,” Crews tweeted.

“It never went to press because it was a lie. This was not a coincidence. I told you they were coming for me. I also told you I am ready.”

Just days earlier, he’d posted a pic to Instagram of himself and his wife Rebecca King Crews in Monte Carlo, on the exact same day he’d been accused of hiring two sex workers.

It also comes just hours after Crews posted a screenshot of a letter sent to him by producer Russell Simmons (who is accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old model), asking him to give Venit “a pass”.

You can watch part of the GMA interview below.

Image: Getty Images / Paula Lobo