Terry Crews Apologises For His Boneheaded Tweet About Same-Sex Parenting

Terry Crews has had a reasonably rough 24 hours or so, thanks to some rather poorly worded social media posts on the subject of same sex parenting; comments he has now retracted and formally apologised for.

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Crews ran into trouble on Twitter over the weekend after making suggestions that children require both paternal and maternal nurturing in order to fully develop, and intimated that the children of same-sex or single-mother couples would be “severely malnourished” as a result of an absent father or father figure.

That in itself was in response to an opinion piece that appeared in the New York Times which questioned why former US President Barack Obama would scold young black men over their financial habits; Crews’ original point of contention questioned the ability of women to write about the male experience, as well as the need for men to hold each other accountable in order to raise better boys.

But, largely, it was the choice of the phrase “severely malnourished” that drew Crews the most heat.

Terry Crews, Tweet

While he hasn’t backed down from the overall opinion, Crews did remove the poorly worded post and has now issued an unreserved apology for his “wrong choice of words.”

A terse apology but an apology nonetheless.

Now let us all return our attentions to the much larger fish that all remain unfried.