Tens Of Thousands March In New Wave Of ‘Bust The Budget’ Protests

It’s the angry voice of the masses that simply refuses to go away. Yesterday, across every major Australian city, tens of thousands of people took to city streets in a fresh wave of Bust the Budget protests, angrily stating their objections to the Abbott Government‘s particularly harsh Federal Budget and the hack-and-slash cuts contained therein. With the installation of the new senate taking place on the first of July, voters used their democratic right to protest to again declare extreme dissatisfaction with the current Federal Government, and opposition to a swathe of its policies.

Across all national capitals – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, Hobart and Canberra – large marches were staged, with numbers for each ranging in the thousands. Union groups joined the protest, including the powerful Australian Council of Trade Unions. The ACTU chairman Dave Oliver stated to the ABC, “This budget is going to hit the most vulnerable in our society.
The protests are in opposition of several key aspects of the Budget, including introducing mandatory fees for GP visits, the deregulation of University fees, sweeping changes to Unemployment modelling, and the much vaunted broken promise to not impose cuts on public broadcasters ABC and SBS.