Despite confirming it isn’t real, Telstra’s social media team has nonetheless moved to claim viral post purporting to be a customer service clapback to some lunatic spouting 5G conspiracy theories anyway. Mostly because it’s really very good.

The viral post began doing the rounds of the internet over the last day or so, with the image showing a Facebook comment exchange between the official Telstra account and someone identified only as “James A.”

“TAKE DOWN 5G TOWERS THERE WEAPONS THAT CAUSE COVID!!” the completely normal post begins, before the Telstra account responds with a sharp-as-a-tack “Hi James, The 5G towers will help download your conspiracy videos faster.”

And while that’s clearly good as hell, Telstra’s actual social media team subsequently poured water on it by revealing it was a fabrication. But it’s one that they’re now claiming anyway, just because it’s so damn good.

I mean, that’s a hell of a way to hitch your wagon to a speeding train. Credit where it’s due, you’ve gotta… well, give credit where it’s due, I guess.

Though we laugh – because it really is quite funny – the more worrying subtext to it all is that this kind of thing feeds on a growing trend among young Aussies, one in five of whom actually do believe that 5G technology is being used to spread COVID-19 somehow, according to a recent poll. This, despite the fact that it does not do that at all.

Still, the telecom company was funny online, and that’s probably enough for right now.

Image: Getty Images / SOPA Images