Telstra Brings Moral Fibre To The Premises, Backs Marriage Equality Again

After copping a brutal rollocking in the press over apparently bowing to pressure from the Catholic Church to withdraw public support for marriage equality, Telstra have swung back around again, essentially telling the Church to fuck off (not their words).
CEO Andy Penn penned (get it) a letter to staff saying, in no uncertain terms, that they definitely do support marriage equality – which honestly shouldn’t be a big deal at all in 2016, but hey, Australia is still pretty shitty in that regard:

The Archdiocese of Sydney have been writing letters to gay-friendly companies and threatening to withdraw their business if they don’t adopt the more neutral “gay people don’t deserve rights” position. Considering that nearly every telco is on the their list, they might have to switch to carrier pigeon if they want to keep texting each other.
This included the painfully weird decision to send “please don’t support the gays” letters to the CEOs of Qantas and SBS, both of whom are themselves gay. Awkies.
Photo: Instagram / _frankthepug_.