Tell Bob Katter We Say Yes To Same-Sex Marriage

Independent MP Bob Katter has always made his ‘no homo’ stance pretty clear. He’s a regular user of socially-questionable expressions like “poofs”, and recently appeared at a rally in Parliament House condemning the legalisation of gay marriage in Australia. Katter’s outspoken anti-gay opinions have – unsurprisingly – managed to offend a large number of people, including his own half-brother Carl Katter who, last week, made the decision to publicly announce that he is gay to support same-sex marriage.

Carl Katter and GetUp! have joined forces to help raise awareness for the issue and encourage Australians to get behind marriage equality. GetUp! have launched a petition to amend the Commonwealth Marriage Act so that same-sex partners can be wed. If consenting adults want to be together and make it official with recognition from the government and the law then why shouldn’t they be able to?

Sign the petition here, and watch the brave and revealing personal message from Carl Katter in the video below.