Teenager Jumps Out Of Plane’s Emergency Exit After Landing In San Francisco

Contributor: Pedestrian

Look, we all know that the most unpleasant part of any flight isn’t the million hour flight duration itself, but the approximately 7 minutes you have to wait to get off the plane after it lands on the tarmac. Torture.

According to The Washington Post, a A 17-year-old passenger – clearly unwilling to wait – pushed open an emergency exit and jumped from a plane onto the runway at San Francisco International Airport on Tuesday.

The Copa Airlines flight from Panama City landed about 2.30pm local time, at which point this kid pulled open the emergency door and jumped out.

Passengers report the plane filling with sunlight as the teenager pushed the emergency door open.

“The whole door goes off. I start to hear some screams,” one passenger told Fox affiliate KTVU. “As soon as we landed, it popped open.”

Another passenger reported seeing the jumper leap onto the plane’s wing and then slid off.

Copa Airlines says that the door was closed and the plane was then taxied to the gate with no further incident. The 17-year-old is in police custody and is reportedly not injured.

Airport spokesman Doug Yakel confirmed that an airport construction crew held the boy until the police arrived to take him into custody. Yakel also said that he seemed to be in “emotional distress” for the duration of the flight, according to other passengers.