The unnamed teenage hero who egged Fraser Anning at a Conservative National Party meeting in Melbourne this afternoon has been released by Victoria Police without charge.

According to 7 News Melbourne reporter Kristy Mayr, the boy was taken into custody by the cops after being held in a “citizen’s arrest” by Anning supporters/nationalist thugs at the conference.

In case you missed it, the teenager made his way into the press conference part of Anning’s event, whipped out his phone, and calmly smacked an egg onto the racist senator’s pate.

In response, Anning turned around and struck the kid twice in the face, before the egger was tackled to the ground.

Now, responses on Twitter seem to be split between calling for the kid’s canonisation/immediate recognition by the Order of Australia, and wondering if Senator Anning is going to be prosecuted for assaulting a minor.

In these very dark times, at least we have people like eggboi to carry on the good fight.