Police in Victoria have arrested a teenager, and detonated a number of improvised explosive devices, ahead of what they say was an attack planned for Mother’s Day on Sunday. 

Yesterday afternoon, police carried out a raid in the suburb of Greenvale, as part of an investigation into an “imminent terror plot.” Heavily-armed police approached the house, and a 300m exclusion zone was put in place. 

Per reports in 9 News, A 17-year-old boy, described as the son of a doctor, was arrested, and six women, who emerged from the house, were also detained. A 14-year-old was targeted in a raid in Sydney, but the connection to the Melbourne raids is unknown.

Police searched the house, and bomb robots were deployed to search nearby cars, after which, a number of improvised explosive devices were uncovered. 

These were subsequently detonated in a nearby reserve, with the first explosion occurring at around 8.30. Per reports in The Australian, the teen has since been charged with engaging in an act in preparation for terrorism. 

Speaking from Darwin, Prime Minister Tony Abbott acknowledged the threat, saying: 

“There have been some raids over the last 24 hours in Sydney and Melbourne. There’s been at least one arrest. There is evidence of a bomb plot that was in a reasonably advanced state of preparation and the police will have more to say about this.”

The arrested teen was active on social media, and his Facebook page reportedly contained a number of posts in support of the Islamic State.  

Last month, an 18-year-old was one of several taken into custody in Melbourne after police foiled a planned Anzac Day terror attack.

Image via 9 News