Teddy Geiger Makes First Red Carpet Appearance After Her Transition

Six months after coming out as transgender, Teddy Geiger has made her first red carpet appearance at the BMI Pop Awards in California, where she was honoured for co-writing some of Shawn Mendes‘ bangers like ‘Mercy‘ and ‘Nothin’ Holding Me Back’.

She came out publicly on her Instagram late last year, after a fan asked her why she was “looking different lately.


True – this fan did ask in a very nice and inoffensive way, and it’s actually so lovely to see someone approach things in a very respectful way.

Teddy has spent the last six months or so on HRT (hormone replacement treatment), and restyled herself with some schmick-lookin’ bangs.


Looking very 90’s Winona Ryder crossed with Zooey Deschanel and fuck me, it’s working a treat. What a vibe.

Her instagram has been a catalogue of her transition, documenting her time finding her identity and becoming more and more comfortable in her own skin.



We do not deserve Teddy Geiger. Soz.