Ted Cruz Insists One Of His Underlings Slapped ‘Like’ On That Smutty Tweet

A year ago, Texan senator Ted Cruz was still stinging after his push to become the Republican candidate for president was absolutely steamrolled by Donald Trump. Now, he’s defending against allegations that he absolutely cranked it to some porn posted on Twitter.

Speaking to reporters after his Twitter profile ‘liked’ some A-grade smut overnight, Cruz affirmed that it really, truly, wasn’t actually him who slapped a big ol’ heart on that primo adult content. Instead, Cruz claims it was one of his aides who inadvertently liked the post.

“This is not how I envisioned waking up this morning,” Cruz said, mirroring the fact that we didn’t expect to see an avowed conservative Christian’s social media profile getting sweaty over a naughty two-minute clip.

Cruz continued:

In all seriousness, there are a number of people on the team that have access to the account and it appears that someone inadvertently hit the like button. And when we discovered the post, which was an hour or two later, we pulled it down.

Well, someone definitely pulled something.

Citing a “staffing issue” – we cannot make this up, fam – Cruz said that his team is “dealing with it internally, but it was a mistake. It was not malicious.”

Righto, pal.