Taylor Swift’s Bestie Says A Certain Ex-Boyfriend Turned Her Into ‘Quasimodo’

Taylor Swift is almost as well-known for her string of A-list beaux as she is for her string of chart-topping hits – but according to her BFF, rapper Todrick Hall, at least one of those pairings was not a happy one.

Appearing on radio program The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, Hall said that one particular ex was clearly so bad for Swift that she was physically affected by it. Eagle-eyed Swift fans, who all seem to have detailed reference timelines memorised for emergencies just like this one, appear to think that the ex in question is British actor Tom Hiddleston.

Swift dated Hiddleston briefly but seriously (apparently) in 2016, and they broke up in September, which would put them together on the timeline at the right point for Hall to be referencing the relationship.

While some speculated that the three-month romance was a publicity stunt (mostly because of that weird “I <3 T.S.” singlet Hiddles was spotted wearing), it seems like it was real enough to effect some changes in Swift – not positive ones.

Hall told hosts of the Morning Show:

There was a time last year—I don’t know if I’m supposed to say anything—she was dating someone. I’d actually never met this person, but I could I could just tell every time I would talk to her, she would hunch over.

I sent her this picture of her as Quasimodo that I edited. Because I was like, ‘You cannot turn into Quasimodo for this guy. Every time you say his name, you hunch over.’

It’s a good friend who can call you on your relationship bullshit when they see it, especially because it can be so hard to see it yourself.

As for T-Swift’s new beau, Joe Aldwyn, about whom many of the songs on Reputation are about? She’s bloody loving him sick. Hall said “she’s the happiest I’ve ever seen her“.

Aww. Bless.