Taylor Swift’s Alleged Groper Recounts His Version Of Events Under Oath

The former radio DJ accused of groping Taylor Swift backstage at a performance in 2013 has given his version of events under oath, telling a Denver courtroom that he never reached under the singer’s skirt.

David “Jackson” Mueller testified at the first day of the civil trial, denying Swift’s claims that he grabbed her buttocks during a meet-and-greet event at the Pepsi Center arena.

He claims that Swift offered to take a photograph with him and his then-partner, and that he extended his arm when the three turned to face the photographer.

“My hand came into contact with part of her body,” Mueller told the court, adding “I felt what seemed to be a rib cage or ribs.”

Mueller’s attorney Gabriel McFarland commented on the “awkward” resulting photo, telling the eight-person jury “if you look at that photo, his hand is not underneath her skirt.

“It’s not ruffled, rumbled, affected in any form or fashion.”

Mueller was fired from his post shortly after the alleged incident, and claims he was let go as a result of false allegations from Swift’s camp. In 2015, he sued Swift for $3.8m in damages.

Swift countersued, arguing that his employer KYGO fired Mueller as a result of their own inquest into the alleged incident.

McFarland told the courtroom that “there were 10 people in the room and not one of them said they saw anything,” but Swift’s attorney Douglas Baldridge said the singer had no reason to make up the allegation.

“If this person cannot stand up and serve as an example to other young women who have been sexually assaulted, then who can?”, Baldridge said.

The court also heard allegations that Mueller destroyed evidence pertaining to conversations with his employer after the alleged incident.

The trial is ongoing.