*inhales deeply*


Tasmania is a beautiful, glorious place, that is inarguably the Best State in Australia™, despite what the heathens in PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s Sydney office continue to foolishly insist.

The only teeny tiny wee little issue is that the state is quite isolated. And isolation breeds some really bloody weird units.

Take, for example, the case of Rembertus and Fanny Beerepoot of Chudleigh, whose names and location I assure you I have not conjured up from thin air.

The Beerepoots – who, again, consist of Rembertus and his beloved wife Fanny – have land holdings in the aforementioned Chudleigh and at the nearby Mole Creek (another real place name) which lie in the heart of the Meander Valley in the state’s north.

The Beerepoots (he repeats) have not paid rates on either of the properties since July 2010, leaving them with a bill of some $9,000 which the Meander Valley Council would very much like back.

But here’s where it gets kooky: The Beerepoots – Rembertus Beerepoot and Fanny Beerepoot – have steadfastly denied that the debt is theirs, owing to the fact that the true owner of the land is, in fact, God.

As in, that religious bloke. God. He/she owns the land. That is who owes the money.

The council is considering recouping the debt through the forced sale of the land, in a matter that’s set to be discussed by the council member’s in a meeting held later tonight.

A report prepared by a council officer that recommended the forced sale of the land contained this absolute rip-snorter of a passage:

“They steadfastly reaffirmed their belief that the land was not theirs but that of the Heavenly Father, that council would be taking the land from him, and that was a matter between council and God.”

I… see.

It remains to be seen how the council actually plans on contacting God to discuss recouping the debt, and whether you can, like, actually ever really “own” land, man.

But with the council decision looming tonight, it is D-Day as far as the Big Mahn in the sky’s tiny land holdings in rural Tasmania are concerned.

And Rembertus Beerepoot, best of luck to you and your beloved wife, Fanny.

Tassie. I know they call it God’s Country, but…

Source: 9News.com.au.