Tassie Ute Feels Full Wrath Of Scorned Partner, Cops An All-Time Tagging

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, or so sayeth the ages old, largely heteronormative adage.

So spare a thought for the owner of this otherwise immaculately kept ute, that was snapped in Tasmania having copped the wrong end of one magnificently pissed off significant other.
Snapped by a fellow motorist at the intersection of York and Bathurst Streets in Launceston – right next to Flip Burgers and the old Officeworks building, for any fellow Launcestonians playing along at home – the owner of the car, whoever the poor soul is, seems to have committed the cardinal sin of leaving a prized vehicle within arm’s reach of a can of spray paint; particularly dangerous when attempting a little extra-marital activity.
Ooooof. Mate. We hope that ute tray is comfy, because apparently that’s where you’re gonna be sleeping for a while.
Photo: Imgur.
Source: Reddit.