Tasmanian Police Are Looking For This Specific Portaloo, In Case Any Of You Have Seen It

Portaloo in Tasmania

Alright, well, not the exact portaloo in the picture. However Tasmanian police are on the hunt for an identical portaloo that has apparently been stolen last month from the exact same location in the tiny town of Tullah.

On Tuesday, a Facebook post made by the cops themselves even went viral either because of the weirdness of the whole crime, the police force’s own use of shitty puns (heh), or both.

“Rosebery Police is investigating the theft of a portable toilet from road works at Tullah on Tasmania’s West Coast,” the Facebook post read.

“So far the investigating officer has nothing to go on.

“Police believe the portable loo was stolen some time between Saturday 27 March to Monday 29 March.”

That’s all the info we have, plus the picture for reference which makes said portaloo look like the most scenically-positioned TARDIS ever.

It’s unclear why someone would even want to steal a portaloo in the first place, and how they did so without getting caught. It not like there are heaps of randoms driving around the mean streats of Tullah with a portaloo in tow.

Anyway, the bad news is that a bunch of roadside workers in rural Tassie now have one fewer place to shit for the foreseeable future, which is pretty crap and unfair

If any of you lot come across the stray portaloo and/or the alleged dunny thieves themselves, Tasmania Police would like to hear from ya.