T. Swift Sent This Business Flowers To Say Thanks For The Positive Trial Msgs

Taylor Swift is really doing nothing to disprove my theory that she’s a real-life, actual angel. Like in Touched By An Angel but better and less 1995.

ICYMI, Taylor’s been in the midst of a pretty intense court case against an ex-radio host David Mueller, who assaulted her at a pre-concert meet and greet in 2013.

The trial has been taking place in Denver, and local business Craftsy has an office across from the U.S District Court there. During the trial, they were posting the most adorable, sunshiney messages of support for Taylor in their windows made of post-its.

The trial wrapped this week, with the jury deliberating just four hours before reaching a verdict that found David Mueller guilty of assault and battery – and Taylor didn’t let Craftsy’s positivity go unnoticed. She’s sent them a shitload of flowers to say thank you, because ANGEL.

Naturally, her fans are going wild about it.


It’s too much love/warm/fuzzies for me guys, I need to go take a small break.