Sydney’s Sunrise Was Wiped Out By An Eerie Haze & It’s Gonna Hang Round

Hey Sydney: you woke up to an exceptionally smoky city this morning.

A haze of smoke descended on the city today thanks to the Rural Fire Service conducting controlled burns in the Sydney basin over the weekend.

Its reported that controlled burns are happening in areas including the northern beaches, the Hills area, Hawkesbury, Hornsby and Sutherland.

It resulted in a pretty spectacular sunrise and a smell similar to when your most inept uncle hops on the barbeque and absolute decimates the chicken thighs.

Have a squiz at some of the pics, courtesy of 9 News.

Social media users were also keen

Apparently, the smoke has settled on the city due to lower-than-expected wind speeds. As a result, its expected to stay pretty smokey for the rest of the day, so deploy your asthma puffers as necessary.

Speaking of which, asthma sufferers have noted across social media that being outdoors in Sydney right now is not an ideal situation by any stretch of the imagination. NSW Health took to social to warn asthma sufferers and everyone else about the poor air quality.

Look after yourselves. And enjoy the bloody haze.