Sydney’s Red Carpet ‘Darth ‘Straya’ Is All Of Our Aussie Star Wars Goals

There will come a time when the fervor around the release of The Force Awakens subsides. This is not that time.

Still, we hear the doubters meekly ask, “alright Pez, you pop-culture ragamuffins, when *will* you know when it’s time to move on from the single biggest pop-culture event of the year?”

The answer is when people stop doing legendary shit like rocking up to a Star Wars premiere as a true blue Sith Lord.

via imgur. 

An intrepid Redditor threw the image of ‘Darth Straya’ online, and it turns out the only info the ABC could squeeze out of him at the film’s premiere in Sydney is that he goes by ‘Aussie Vader’ and he’s… a Star Wars fan, funnily enough.

The costume was the result of a trip to the U.S., where ol’ mate just had to express his patriotism. By emblazoning our flag onto one of the greatest villains of all time. Natch.

He even has a stubby-holder belt, people. What a time to be alive. 
Story: ABC.
Photo: Imgur.