This one goes out to every Sydney-sider still shaking off the powdery white sweat-halos from their pillows.

The Bureau Of Meteorology has confirmed that last night was the hottest January night on record, topping every single other one since weather boffins started keeping track 159 years ago.

At its lowest point, the temperature in central Sydney dipped to a balmy 26.4 degrees at 11pm, which we can all agree is a bit too bloody warm:

If you felt the temperature rising as the night went on, don’t worry: you weren’t in the midst of some fever dream. 

Well, given the circumstances, you may have been, but the temperature did actually climb to 31 degrees after midnight.
This fact was met with horror by anybody with a working thermoregulatory system:

The upshot of all this? Overnight, it’ll be somewhat cooler at a minimum of 22 degrees.
Tomorrow, Sydney should expect a relatively normal 26 degrees with possible showers, and it’s looking like Monday will be 29 degrees with similar conditions.
It’s going to heat up again after that, but damn, you’d hope this obscene weather doesn’t break yet another long-held temperature record. 

Source: ABC / The Age.
Photo: FOX.