Sydney’s Best Burger Joint Walks Us Through Their Biggest, Cheesiest MVPs

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Let me preface this by saying sorry, vegetarians. 

We recently shared photos of an underground ‘cave community’ living beneath Sydney. Little did we know there was another secret society who walk amongst us, hiding in plain sight. They are a community of like-minded ground beef enthusiasts who call themselves ‘The Fatties Burger Appreciation Society‘, and it was through them that we discovered Sydney’s Bar Luca and their nek level burgers.

A while back Bar Luca decided to offer The Fatties an exclusive – ‘add any toppings, at no extra charge’ – and it was after tales spread of 5-patty monstrosities that the legend of their beef cunning began to spread.

Nowadays Bar Luca and its truly delightful staff roll-out a consistently excellent roster of burger creations including, but in no way limited to, the ‘Blame Canada‘ feat. 200g wagyu beef pat tie, poutine (hot chips and cheese curds), maple glazed streaky bacon and maple aioli. 

We went along in the lead up to their All Stars Week, throughout which they’ll have a different one of their classics available each day. (Heads up: apparently they book out).

The line up:

MONDAY 12/10 | “Biggie Smalls” 

Wagyu pattie, grilled hotdog, onion rings, American cheddar, umami ketchup, lettuce, tomato, pickles, big poppa sauce and a cheeseburger slider.  
Tuesday 13/10 | “Truffle shuffle”  
Wagyu pattie, portobello mushroom, baby spinach, caramelised onion, Parmesan wafer & truffled aioli. 
Wednesday 14/10 | “Cheezus”  
Wagyu pattie, American cheddar, chipotle aioli, deep fried triple cheese pattie, jalapeño salsa.  
Thursday 15/10 | “Cereal Killer”  
Crunchy nut cornflake crumbed chicken breast, streaky bacon, lettuce, cereal milk Mayo, suicide sauce and liquid cheese.  
Friday 16/10 | “PBJB”  
Wagyu pattie, double American cheddar, triple streaky bacon, crunchy peanut butter, redcurrant and onion jelly & maple aioli.  

Special thanks to the staff at Bar Luca for letting us crash their lunch rush and to The Fatties Burger Appreciation Society admins for coming along. Video dedicated entirely to The Fatties is coming soon.