Sydney, You Can Now Get All Up In The City’s Most Expensive Cheese Toastie

Struggling to suppress the urge to ask if the fancy restaurant will do you up a sneaky cheeseburger? Have the palate of the common man but the wallet of a king? Rocking beer taste on a champagne budget?

This might be the answer to all your prayers.
Newish Sydney eatery Bennelong – based at the Opera House – is taking fine dining and mashing it up against a servo pie warmer, with the creation of the city’s most expensive cheese toastie.
From the hand of head chef Peter Gilmore, the sandwich is a standard, no frills sandwich comprising of five different kinds of cheese, stuffed with black truffles, and toasted between thick slices of brioche.
The cheese utilised come from all across the country: a pair of Victorians – a Shaw River buffalo mozzarella, and a Mountain Man L’Artisan washed rind – a couple of Tasmanians – some Heidi gruyere and a C2 raw cheddar – and Paesanella ricotta from Marrickville. Whilst the truffle itself hails from Western Australia.
At $22, it’s still not *super* unreasonably price, and it’s proven to be one of the more popular items on the restaurants’ new bar menu.
Look at that shit. That toast is straight elegant, son.
But if that in and of itself isn’t enough, they also have on offer a sausage roll that’ll set you back a cool $24. In it, is some suckling pig that’s been braised for around 10 hours in a low heat salted butter brine, combined with some slow-cooked vegetables and wrapped in buttery puff pastry and finished off with black garlic sauce.
A regular ole’ dirty Four N’ Twenty it most certainly ain’t.
Both are available to be smashed into your faces right now. But be forewarned – that’s probably a ladder of quality you won’t be terribly willing to climb back down.